Enhancing high power transmit capability of microwave multicarrier transmit systems…

iMata Techonologies develops Analog Predistortion Linearizers which greatly enhance distortion free capabilities of high power transmitters used in wireless and microwave communication applications.



iMata’s linearizers benefit from our decades long experience in designing, building and testing of high power microwave products, at chip, MMIC and MCM levels. Integrating our linearizers with transmitter modules is straightforward and our user friendly GUI software makes adjustments a breeze. Importantly, with wide tuning range covered by our linearizers, stocking variety of products is a thing of the past.

Ku Band Linearizer

Part Number Frequency Input Power Output Power Gain Gain Expansion Phase Expansion Power cons.
MKA1451GN 13.75 to 14.5GHz -15dBm 10dBm 25dB +4 dB +40 deg 5W

HPA (standalone)

HPA (with Linearizer)


iMata offers a range of services to help improve linear performance of your high power amplifiers. Decades of experience in Design, Assembly and Test/debug are our core strengths.

iMata has outstanding design experience and capabilities. These include

  • Accurate linear and non-linear simulations.
  • Design RF chip, module and associated control circuitry.
  • Implementation in a MultiChipModule.

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