The Air Suits Bubble Soccer
A twist to the traditional soccer, players are divided into two teams wearing our Air Suits.  Unlike the traditional game, you can bump your opponents out!  The game is about speed, strength, and agility! 
The Air Suits Bubble Race
Race your opponents in your Air Suit to the finish line!  Whoever crosses the finish line first, wins -- BUT, you can "accidentally" bump into your opponent to crash their course. 

The Air Suits Battle Royale
All players battle it out in a battle royale for the once in a life time bragging rights! Similar to the game Capture the Flag, except you can bump and run into your opponents! 
Welcome To Bubble Mania Bubble On !

The Germans call it Loopyball, while other countries in Europe call it “Bubble football” or “Bubble Soccer.”  The sporting game that’s sweeping the globe actually started out as a joke between Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of the Norwegian comedy sports show “Golden Goal.”  The duo posted a video of them playing Bubble Soccer on YouTube, and its popularity spread across Europe like warm Nutella. Mmmm. The game itself is a cross between soccer and zorbing, a sport where an individual rolls down the side of a hill or sometimes a level surface in a giant plastic orb. The plastic orb surrounding the player in Bubble Soccer is similar in construction but differs where these allow the player’s legs to run around freely or essentially wear the orb. We call our orbs Battle Balls, because the alliteration evokes the moods of both competition and silliness.