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Welcome to Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC

Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC. is a small business enterprise focused on providing civil and environmental engineering consulting and contracting services to the real estate industry. Since being established in 1998, Jade’s technicians and professionals have provided a wide variety of services emanating from the ever-expanding commercial real estate environmental due diligence industry. These services include but are not limited to, property condition assessments, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Phase III Subsurface Contaminant Delineation Investigations, Phase IV remedial design and construction and Phase V operations and maintenance and environmental closure assessments. .

Our most recent additional to our menu of services is Tank Condition Assessments a rapidly expanding field as a result of expanding regulation of both above and below ground petroleum and chemical storage systems

Although we are located in the Lower Hudson Valley, Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC is positioned and experienced throughout North America including Canada and the Caribbean. Being a tight run ship, we never fail to impress our clientele with the speed at which we can establish and implement solutions keeping their project on track.


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Why you choose us


Our corporate policy requires our commitment to providing the most practical and affordable solutions to environmental problems encountered by our clientele be unparalleled. Because we are evolving with a recently established and continuously changing industry, we are able to provide state-of-the-art solutions to a broad spectrum of environmental issues. We endeavor with every project, both large and small, to insure our clientele fully understand the nature of every environmental concern they encounter, as well as our recommended solution, in addition to alternative solutions that may available and more suitable to their needs...

Services Provided

Our services cover a broad spectrum of environmental concerns commonly and some times not so commonly encountered in the real estate industry. They include.

• Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments;
• Phase III Subsurface Contaminant Delineation Investigations;
• Property Condition Assessments;
• Asbestos, Lead, Mold and Radon Testing;
• Tank Integrity Testing via Ultrasonic Inspection;
• Tank Leak Testing via Precision Tightness Testing;
• Cathodic Protection Testing
• Tank Repair, In-place Closure, Removal and Installation;
• Brownsfield Program;
• Monitoring Well Construction and Direct Push Sampling;
• Groundwater Remedial System Design, Construction and O&M;
• Groundwater Monitoring and Regulatory Closure;
• Hazardous Waste Management and Disposal;
• Wetland Investigation and Restoration;


Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC. has established a wide variety of loyal clientele including financial institutions, real estate managers and sales agents, developers, insurance companies, large corporate entities, municipalities and multiple federal departments as well as other consulting firms looking for some of the more specialized services we can provide. Please contact us for a list of references..


Our team includes PhD’s, Licensed Professional Engineers and certified field technicians. Our field technicians are 40-hour OSHA Hazardous Waste Emergency Response certified with confined space entry. Our firm is licensed with New York City to test, repair, remove and install petroleum bulk storage tanks. We are also licensed by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers to test Cathodic Protection Systems. We hold certifications to operate our radiation based lead paint testing equipment and certified by the State of New York to sample building materials for asbestos. Our list of certifications and licenses is always growing, so please call to request an updated list of company certifications to insure we hold the certifications needed to assist you on your project.


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Jade Environmental Engineering, PLLC. is a small business enterprise focused on providing civil and environmental engineering consulting and contracting services to the real estate industry.

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