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The foundation was laid by Mr. Shree Kishanji Patodia in 1960’s. His vision was to simplify engineering and constant innovation. We are building on the foundation he laid and have positioned ourselves for quantum leaps of growth. Today we are much different diversified company. Read More
Our facilities are state of the art and are equipped with latest technology. We rely on innovation and advanced technology to rapidly reach the markets. Our quest for quality ensures that production runs will need minimum servicing. Read More
We cover the entire globe. With convenient manufacturing location in India and The America’s (coming soon) we are able to service your needs just about anywhere. We have representatives in South Africa as well as Central Europe waiting to provide you with custom engineering solution. Read More
Our team is passionate about engineering and eager to provide you with a simple solution to your complex need. Our employees are highly skilled and have multiyear experience. Everyone goes through extensive training and are positioned to serve you.Read More

Our offices in Costa Rica and around the world