Welcome to Transworld Security Services
When choosing a security provider, the choices can be endless. As consumers, we are always looking for value and quality in the products and services we purchase. We base our decision on the company’s service and reputation.
TRANSWORLD SECURITY SERVICES is committed to delivering high-quality, customer-focused protection services throughout the State of Washington, Oregon (US), BC (Canada) and London (UK).
Our experience and expertise extends across a broad range of environments - Industrial, Commercial, Government, Construction, Healthcare, Property Management, Transportation and Retail. With our background we are able to provide customized solutions for our clients. We want our customers to feel fully protected so they may fully focus on their business operations.
Emergency Procedures
We can develop customized Emergency Plans and Procedures to enhance the preparedness of your organization.
Mobile Inspection
Our distinctly marked Mobile Inspection Unit can check on your premises during and after business hours, providing the confidence and peace of mind you require
Bike Patrol
We have experienced bike-patrollers providing security services
Alarm Response
We can respond immediately to all types of alarm triggers, professionally handle the situation and follow up with a full report.
Risk Assessments
Our professional staff can review your security needs and recommend the very best and cost-effective solutions.