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EnColl Corporation, established in 1994, is a California corporation that develops, manufactures and markets Type-I collagen-based products. EnColl uses its patented technology for the preparation of high purity and charge modified collagen (U.S. Patents 5,814,328 (1998); 6,127,143 (2000) & 6,548,077(2003)). The company's technologies and manufacturing system yields a series of high quality products required for various medical fields such as general and plastic surgery (healing of wounds, burns and dermal ulcers/sores), orthopedic surgery (bone regeneration, spinal fusion), oral surgery (periodontal and dental products), and neurological injuries (brain/nerve regeneration), drug delivery, biopharmaceutical research, and cosmetic & dietary applications.
EnColl was founded in 1994 by Dr. S. Gunasekaran, Dr. Gunasekaran is recognized as of the world's foremost collagen experts. EnColl's proprietary collagen production technology makes the company a leader in his field. The Twice Treatment Process (TTP) and other unique purification steps of the patented technology results in a pure (99%), less immunogenic and better biocompatible collagen than that are currently in the commercial market (proven pre-clinical studies). Further patented surface modified or energized collagen, "CollagenPRO", can be used for different biomedical applications. The company currently uses this patented technology to develop additional, advanced biotech products.
EnColl's technology is a Two-step enzyme Treatment Process (TTP) for the modification and purification of Type-I collagen which results in collagen that is 99% pure, yields the least immunogenicity & renders high bioactivity necessary for treatment, therapy & tissue regeneration for medical applications.

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