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Company is since 1987 grows tree plants in thair nursery and sell produts.

For over 22 years now, A.Y. Nursery, Inc. has been dedicated to producing trees of the highest level of quality. Our goal has been to provide trees, shrubs and vines of the best quality for the wholesale nursery and landscape industry at competitive prices. Family owned and operated by the Ayón family since 1987, A.Y. Nursery, Inc. continually strives to give you, our valued customers, the service you deserve and have come to expect.

With several locations in Southern California, A.Y. Nursery, Inc. now has approximately 200 acres in production offering a wide variety of trees and shrubs ranging from 1 gl. to 36” box to accommodate projects of any size.

We look forward to your continued patronage by allowing us to be a partner in your future landscape projects for years to come.

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Introduction to Home Fruit Growing
If you are thinking of planting fruit trees, here are some reasons why you should and where to begin on our website.

AY Nursery Variety Finder

The AY Nursery Variety Finder in the Home Garden section Where To Buy AY Nursery Trees helps you find retail nursery sources for your chosen AY Nursery Inc plant varieties. Also in the Where To Buy section are lists of AY Nursery retailers by region.

For Retail Nurseries

Sell more fruit trees with AY Nursery Inc - the best in the industry! Product handouts, descriptive book, picture tags, bin tags, customized descriptive variety lists, fruit tasting report, fruit harvest date wall chart, fruit tree banner, Backyard Orchard Culture handout.

New Micro-propagation Facility Begins Production

After years of planning, and many months of construction, work wrapped up in early 2013 on our new micro-propagation facility located next to our main office in Yuba City. The lab and grow room facility is actually within our former tree grading warehouse. What an incredible transformation – from an old warehouse into a world-class lab facility many have likened to a “plant factory.”
Micro-prapagation by plant tissue culture has been a plant cloning method used for decades around the globe for various plant species and crops. Plant cloning is not new to AY Nursery Inc – we have a long history of propagating rootstocks by hard-wood cuttings and variety cloning by budding and grafting which is commonplace. But, using techniques to produce clones of plants by tissue culture under sterile conditions, in vitro, on a nutrient culture medium brings new advances to AY Nursery Inc production capabilities.

Trees In The Spotlight

Why Tissue Culture Now at AY Nursery Inc?

Many plant varieties can simply not be efficiently cloned by any method other than tissue culture. Recent University of California seedling selections of paradox hybrid walnut rootstocks and UCB-1 hybrid pistachio rootstock can only be cloned using tissue culture techniques. Many popular peach/almond hybrid rootstocks for almonds such as Bright’s Hybrid 5 and Hansen 536 are more efficiently propagated by plant tissue culture. And, several selections of both the Gisela and Krymsk series of cherry rootstock are now propagated by tissue culture. Our state-of-the-art lab production facility is now fully-staffed and in high production mode working to keep up with demand of some of our more sought-after rootstocks.


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