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"The essence of Religion lies in its practice, performance and realization. Spirituality is not something to be gained by scriptural studies or from hearsay. Mad indeed is the one who thinks of unravelling the mysteries of a spiritual life with the help of a mind torn by passions, tyrannised by the senses, and agonised by carnal hankerings."

Acharya Srimat Swami

Pranavanandaji Maharaj

Founder - Bharat Sevashram

Sangha - Kollkata - India

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  • Acharya Swami

    Pranavanandaji Maharaj

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What People Say

  • Swami Bhajanananda

    Blessed are those who have come into contact with him for he was a Saint and a man of God.

  • Swami Nirliptanandaji

    Later Swami Purnanandaji established Ashrams at some of the major centres around the Globe.


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