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Wellness Products

Apothecary Pharmacy has one of the largest wellness sections in Los Angeles. We have a great selection of natural products to help you on the road to good health..

Compounding Service

Having difficulty finding your prescribed medication? Look no further.Our courteous and knowledgeable pharmacist can compound your medications..

Hyperthyroidism Diet

Although, what a patient eats during hyperthyroidism matters; however, a particular hyperthyroidism diet doesn’t exist. A diet alone can’t treat or preve..

Welcome to Banker Homeopathy Clinic

He is successfully treating many adults, infants, children, senior citizens, disabled and Bed Ridden Patient, as well as for their routine, acute & chronic problems. He is a sincere homeopath trusted by his multi ethnic patients. All types of Homeopathic Medicines, as well as Biochemic & Bach Flower Remedies are available at our clinic.

Homeopathy medicines treat body and mental disorders: Emotional unrest, extreme anxiety, anger, depression, stress, irritability, insecurity, jealousy, suspicion, fear, neurosis, sadness, dissatisfaction, impatience, sadness, self-confidence, capacity, despair, hatred, jealousy, impatience, mental stress, lack confidence Complete control or eradication of homoeopathic medicines on disorders of crime, terror, panic, extreme fear, frustration, pride, persistent unwanted thoughts, bitterness, schizophrenia, hysteria etc.

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