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C. I.A., F.B.I., N. S. A.

There is direct evidence linking the C. I.A., F.B.I., N. S. A. , police departments, the media, & certain Politian’s, , to a tightly planned ,highly secret, procedure

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Hillary, We Funded

Open with clips of ( move, boko haram, armless child, man set on fire, bomb drop, del. With hands up, cops kick him, patty & cinque in bank, dead in Jonestown, dead dog, colin powel at u.n. ms. Obama

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Called the perfect weapon, because the techlonogy cracks the mental defenses, free will, judgment, and actions of a subject ,to the point he or she will obey any instruction,

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C.I.A POLITICS and RACE offers a PEACEFUL,UNIFYING, SOLUTION to the 400 year old problem of WHITE PRIVILEGE and RACISM

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This story begins with a revelation, few in the media dare talk about. ( hightail video u think u know amer. )
There is direct evidence linking the C. I.A., F.B.I., N. S. A. , police departments, the media, & certain Politian’s, to a tightly planned ,highly secret, procedure that uses PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE,… forcible indoctrination …. RADICALIZATION…and ENHANCED INTERROGATION,…. that results in altering the thoughts, judgments, free will, actions and behavior, of the victim. (hightail video starts with me)


The secret use of an illegal mind altering technology, by a government with a long history of racism, is a clear and present danger to the vulnerable , voiceless, African American community.. ,( Dulles video) . (video dvd-0-2-9-16 hightail doc. Working on victim)


A large part of what has been occurring recently,Ferguson mo. ,Charleston , S C., Baltimore, md. Minnesota, baton rouge la. and Dallas,TX. has the smell of a set up. A false flag incidence…. (pick a image of each event)

Given this country history, what’s to stop a secret government from using this mind altering technology to ferment a race war. ( image of Dylan roof, baton rogue , dalles)

What’s to stop the secret government from Planting the seeds of fear, among the population, a fearful population,… is a controllable population, Who benefits from a divided society???.


Once we realize the government is secretly using an illegal mind altering technology to program, and radicalize, the other parts of this puzzle will fall into place. It’s no accident most ‘so called’ terrorists are people of color.

( youtube video of cia docs operating on man , bill clinton apology) ( bush & mat lauer) ( underwear bomber, (hillary,we funded video.)

If secret C.I.A. agencies can create groups like, boko haram, Al qaeda, the tailiban,and isis, (pic. Image clips) (hillary video). what’s to stop the same secret government from infiltrating domestic groups like the new black panthers, Farrakkans black Muslim, or black lives matter,(pic. image Clips) This divide and conquer tactic allows covert control these groups, from start to finish, before they can start a incident on their own.

This page will expose untold story of why Thousand of our troops where left in north Korea.
Revealing how we went from victims of the north Korean psychological experiments , to perpetrators, with a memo by C.I.A. deputy director Richard Helms to director Allen Dulles, suggesting the agency develop similar technology, for the covert use of mind control devices and deadly biological chemical weapons .

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