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Biological Weapons

‘I have decided to look closer at the illegal use of these two technology. Starting with 3 fear generating events that traumatized the nation over 35yrs. ago.

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Hillary, We Funded

Open with clips of ( move, boko haram, armless child, man set on fire, bomb drop, del. With hands up, cops kick him, patty & cinque in bank, dead in Jonestown, dead dog, colin powel at u.n. ms. Obama

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Called the perfect weapon, because the techlonogy cracks the mental defenses, free will, judgment, and actions of a subject ,to the point he or she will obey any instruction,

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C.I.A POLITICS and RACE offers a PEACEFUL,UNIFYING, SOLUTION to the 400 year old problem of WHITE PRIVILEGE and RACISM

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This story begins with a revelation few in main media dare talk about. ( u think u know amer. Video)

The direct evidence linking the C. I.A., F.B.I., N. S. A. , police departments, the media, & certain Politian’s, to a tightly planned ,well disguised procedure that uses PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE,… forcible indoctrination…. RADICALIZATION…and ENHANCED INTERROGATION, resulting in altering the thoughts, judgments, free will, actions and behavior, of the victim.

How deadly biological weapons were tested,(video of colin powel at u.n. &dead in Jonestown) (presumed dead) why Thousand of troops where left in Korea.

where the government is using illegal human experiments to create false flag, terrorist situation.

( video of cia docs / man on table, bill clinton apology) ( bush & mat lauer) ( Rizzo,) cia doc, & undie bomber

deadly biological weapons.( colin powel (( video )) (Iraq dead) (don rumsfelt

(( video ) colin powel at u.n.) (dead in Jonestown) (Iraq dead) (don rumsfelt

After personally witnessing the governments experiments with PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE, RADICALIZATION , and deadly chemical biological weapons.

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