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Chinese Mirch means spicy Chinese food. It is born of the energy of two distinct cultures- Chinese & Indian- as a result of the cultural coalition that took place thousands of years back when Chinese immigrants moved to neighboring India to seek new opportunities. The cultural phenomenon launched a culinary coup where Indian herbs and spices meet a blend of Cantonese, Hakka and Szechuan style cooking.The result is an explosion of flavor, sometimes bold and fiery, but always a delight to the senses. The names of dishes sometimes sound strange- Gobi Manchurian, Mirch 65, Hyderabadi Chili Chicken... We are people driven with one goal in mind 'Customer for Life.' Whether you come once or ten times, we aim to provide a consistent quality of food along with superior customer service. Which is why we are introducing a highly curated selection of Indian dishes to complement our Indo Chinese menu. We look forward to seeing you soon and once you try our chili chicken with our garlic naan you will be addicted forever!

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