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Collection Accounts

Collection agencies usually buy your unpaid debt for pennies on the Dollar. Then they report it to your credit report for the original balance owed to the original creditor.

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Judgments & Liens

Judgments or liens are reported on your credit report under the Public Records section. Judgments are lawsuits against you in a court of law for which you never appeared.

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Repossessions on your credit report will impact your credit for years. They stay reported for seven years from the date your property was repossessed. Usually when the lenders.

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appear on your credit report under the "Public records" section of your report. They stay reported for ten years from the court filing date. It takes two years after you file.

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accounts stay on your credit report for up to seven Years from the date the courts report them. What most people are not aware of, is that when the credit bureau reports.

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Medical Collection

bills can become a big problem to our credit report. Though many people have healthcare insurance or medicaid, they tend to ignore the medical bills they receive by mail.

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Welcome to 750n Beyond

“Taking your credit above and beyond”

In 750 n beyond, we are specialized in credit report analysis and consultation. We help our customer finding peace in mind by eliminating collections and work with the credit bureaus and creditors in their behalf, targeting late payments that hurt their score, and increasing their score. Our services are countrywide. For the most complicated credit situation, we have the solution. Those who have nowhere to go and have medical accounts, student loans, repossession, foreclosure, old closed accounts reporting late payments, judgments or tax liens, unpaid collection accounts, and bankruptcy our team can remove them from your credit report.

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