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PIC(ATP)Part 121, Part 91, Subpart K Ops or Part 135

ATP Training Program:

30 hours of ground & 10 hours of SIM Training must be completed prior to being eligible to take the ATP-written and practical tests.

The 10 hours of simulator training will include six hours of training in a Level C or D (full motion) simulator. Offered only through Part 141, 142, 135, or 121 certificate holders. (not allowing Part 61 flight schools to develop courses and provide the training). The new rule establishes a new ATP certificate with restricted privileges for multi-engine airplane only. The restricted ATP certificate can only be used to serve as a First Officer at an air carrier. To obtain the certificate an applicant must be 21 years old, hold a commercial pilot certificate with an instrument rating, complete an ATP certificate training program, and pass ATP written and knowledge tests. For the restricted ATP certificate, applicants do get some relief as they are required to have at least 750 hours time as a military pilot, at least 1,000 hours total time and a bachelor's degree with an aviation major, at least 1,250 hours total time and an associate degree with an aviation major; or 1,500 hours total time as a pilot.
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