About Us

We are a Colorado-based investment and development firm focused on legacy projects that drive financial and social value.

Our Services

From investment and acquisition to development and management, we deliver a full-service suite of real estate solutions.

Our Team

Our forward-thinking team of Denver real estate experts are inspired every day to create unique and healthy communities.

We are a Denver real estate development and investment firm.

With over 60 years of combined experience, our team has acquired, developed, managed, marketed and sold millions of square feet of residential, commercial, office, retail and mixed-use space throughout the Western United States. Each project is actively led from start-to-finish to mitigate risks and maximize returns. Hebrew for “beautiful,” the name Eastern captures our passion for meaningful placemaking within our communities.

Eastern is part of a global movement to redefine success in business by voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability and performance. We are one of just over 3,000 Certified B Corporations in over 50 countries who compete not just to be the best in the world, but to be the best for the world. Eastern is proud to be part of this global community and of achieving a Global Impact Investing System (GIIRS) rating of Gold.