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Welcome to Electro Magnetic Test, Inc

EMT Labs (Electro Magnetic Test, Inc), an independent testing and consulting firm ideally located in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mountain View, California) and central to Silicon Valley which is one of the largest engineering development regions in the USA...

EMT is ready to provide your company with the testing, approvals, and homologation certifications desired and required to make your company’s product an international success.

As an ISO 17025 accredited testing and consulting firm, our service is providing engineering focus across all areas of Electromagnetic Compatibility, Wireless, Wireline Telecom, and Safety certifications for a wide range of products for many different commercial and military environments. To gain a greater understanding of EMT and the services offered please visit our Company and Testing Services’ sections. Once again, welcome, and EMT looks forward to servicing your company’s homologation needs as we move forward together.

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