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      Allah Says (what means): Establish the Prayer, and give Zakaat (poor-due) and bow with those who bow (in worship and obedience). [Quran 2: 43]  And (what means): …Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times… [Quran 4: 103]

We are a group of merchants, bank workers, accountants, city workers, professional sand employees working in various fields in the heart of the Garment & Jewelry District of downtown Los Angeles who have harkened to the call of our Creator to establish prayers in His remembrance and to band together to pay the poor due and to create an ambience of positive energy in downtown. Our deen is Islam (submission to God's will) and as such we establish the Islamic Center of Downtown Los Angeles.

Our humble beginning is to invite Muslims and even non-Muslims alike to remember their Lord and be thankful for His blessings upon us all. We in downtown are woven in the fabric of our businesses and our day to day work life. A quick and easy place to pray was much needed. In this current time of exponential change with increasing responsibilities, we can also see how Salah (prayer) can be a most effective stress reduction tool. We Muslims have been given that gift from our Creator that we must not overlook..

We propose to work for peace and harmony in the community seeking the blessings of God and remembering Him in our salah (prayer) and thanking Him for His blessings. We invite you and seek your help and participation in achieving these goals.


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Our Location

We are located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles in the Garment and Fabric District.
The closest cross streets are 9th and Santee Street .  We are at 852, Santee Street  1st Floor,
Los Angeles CA. 90015.  Welcome.