Past Life Regression is a powerful therapeutic process where one can understand the karmic reasons for difficulties or problems in this life. No problem or illness is an accident. We carry karmic complexes or samskaras from the past lives into this life. Our present moment is created based on what we are carrying from the past. When the past is not over, it continues into the present. Using Past life Regression therapy one can go to the root cause in the past, understand it, release the emotions carried from there and say good bye to the past. It is a deeply healing process where one experiences a new beginning and empowerment. Numerous clients who underwent PLR sessions have reported that after therapy they felt as if they are starting a new life.

Whether it is a physical illness, relationship problem, financial trouble, depression, fears and phobias, past life regression can help overcoming it. We all want to live happily and that is the real purpose of life. We can be happy when we live fully in the present moment. When we let go of the burden of the past, new possibilities open up and a major shift in our life happens.