About Legacy Land Company

Legacy Land Company is a boutique development company specializing in designing and building residential communities based on the principles of Conservation Development. Conservation Development is ‘light touch’ development at reduced densities with the goal of leaving the land's ecological resources better protected than that prior to development. Although this seems like a contradiction in terms, there is a growing movement of this type of development across the country. See the Conservation Development tab above for more information on this unique development concept.

The company is led by two Robert Mayhew and Steven Kellenberg, who between them have over 75 years of planning and development experience. They have joined forces to explore the use of ecological-based planning within unique natural environments and agriculture to optimize the quality of life of their residents while promoting long term natural systems sustainability.

They have successfully developed two Conservation Developments in the Sierra Foothills of California and several more are in feasibility, acquisition or initial development stages. They have also helped plan and develop a number of nationally known master planned communities. See the Leadership tab above more information on the company’s principals.

Legacy Land Core Values:

1. Develop high quality communities based on the rediscovery of the wonders and value of the natural environment

2. Provide a sustainable alternative to mindless rural and suburban sprawl

3. Develop in a manner that is economical sustainable and profitable to all parties

4. Work with third party private and public entities to safeguard our communities long term future

5. Have fun and make friends.

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