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Aging can sometimes be difficult, especially when injury and/or pain become a factor. By aging our body becomes more fragile. Injury/disability causes us to depend on others more than ourselves, and people often rely on medication when pain becomes an issue. There is also the realization of being faced with the possibility of nursing home living. Family members normally recognize situations when their love one needs help. This is where Mary Elizabeth can help.

Mary Elizabeth Homecare Services, Inc. is a licensed private organization that currently accepts Private Duty or Medicaid funds. We carefully match our clients with a caretaker they are comfortable with by allowing them to meet the caregiver before they start work. Mary Elizabeth understands that we could never replace the loving care and support of your family; however we can help you and your love ones feel more comfortable, secure and independent when family members are not present at the home. We present affordable alternatives to clients that do not have Medicaid, thus helping them to remain in their home even if they are ill, injured or just aging, oppose to alternative nursing home living against your desire. Read More


Mary Elizabeth has the education, skills, and credentials to serve a broad range of medical needs. We also understand that, in addition to skilled staff, nurturing our clients is vital to their health and well-being. Our staff consists of the following...

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The Mission of Mary Elizabeth is to create, perfect and maintain unique ways of helping our clients reach their goals while assisting them in their daily activities, thus becoming recognized as one of the leading Homecare Agencies in Eastern North Carolina...

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At Mary Elizabeth, we take pride in establishing personal relationships with our clients, and the quality of care we provide for them. We are currently licensed to serve several North Carolina counties, and eligible clients must reside with-in the...

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