About Us

Please allow me to introduce Blackbear. We are a Las Vegas based PMC with agents from all over the United States. We have various background in military, police and security fields in our talent pool. 10 Ex-Military agents with an extensive PMC background are ready to deploy currently.

I have included the leader, Jay Sperrazza’s bio for your review. Once we understand the scope of work, we can send the appropriate individual profiles for you to thoroughly examine their qualifications. Jay and his team can be a great asset to a number of operations.

NPS, BLACK BEAR has been in business since 2004. NPS, BLACK BEAR is a Women and Minority owned enterprise which was incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevad and has since branched off to service the complete State of Nevada.

Our firm has the combined experience of forty years in security management and many years of properly completing and fulfilling the need of small, medium and large contracts. NPS, BLACK BEAR is unique in our industry.

NPS, BLACK BEAR. prides itself on the quality of its product in; personnel, management, communication and high tech equipment. Our top personnel are leaders in the industry with extensive backgrounds and experience. The longevity of our senior and middle management personnel is the best in the industry. We find that other security suppliers who continually shuffle management at the highest levels lose sight of their business objectives. At NPS, BLACK BEAR, we are focused on our core and personnel. This focus has not changed.

NPS, BLACK BEAR has a strong history of providing high quality security services and there are many reasons for our client’s high level of satisfaction. NPS, BLACK BEAR, will proceed with professionalism that we believe is unmatched in the Security Industry.