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James Fort’s Personal Profile

I’ve always been a leader and winner in life. I was an above average student and excelled at athletics in high school. I paid for college via athletic scholarship and working part time. I grew up and worked in the West Texas energy industry. After graduating from college with a business, marketing and geological science focus, I returned to school to study petroleum engineering to complete a two year program there. I understand the energy industry based on lifelong, hands-on experience, education, and training!

Professional to Infinity and Beyond

I was offered and accepted a program management role within the server and tools division. I was responsible for development of a divisional online technical community for developing business and technical relationships with our customers across all product lines. I owned and perfected processes to drive my personal scorecard metrics from highs of 75 percent unresponsive metrics down to responding to customers within less than two hours when the window of opportunity is known to be seventy-two hours. I garnered internal product group support which drove our strong outward connection to customers. I also focused on and achieved approximately five million in annual savings based on the reduced cost to create, manage, and maintain customer relationships with customers by quickly solving problems across product lines.