Improving Process with Technology.


At Ran Automation, our skilled workforce helps provide advanced technologies implementation for industries across the board. Our expertise in designing and building custom, high-quality, and cost-effective automation solutions provide our customer’s with a competitive advantage. We ensure customer satisfaction by being a single-source choice and taking care of every step of the process to fit any business's needs.




Industry Specific Solutions


Ran Automation offers industry-specific solutions for companies to improve technological processes and maximize profit. From designing to fabricate control panels that will meet UL/CSA/CE compliances to implementing custom automation machines for specific industry needs.
We also retrofit old machines with latest technology to increase operator safety while improving machine reliability.

Ran Automation strives to be your one-stop shop for System Integration needs, from simple PLC/HMI software development to complete turnkey control system solution provider including SCADA,DAQ and motion system. Our expertise include redundancy or Hot Swap control for the critical application. With today's needs of increased automation, improved process control and tight budgets, our machines are just what any business needs to increase production and lower total costs.

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In-House Machining


Ran Automation can fully source all the parts fabrication required in your project by utilizing our sister company, a precision CNC Machine Shop. With capabilities such as Milling, Lathe work, Grinding, Honing, Sawing, and more, we can make sure all parts required are machined on time and to our strict design specifications. For more details, visit our sister company’s website to learn about its full capabilities and to get your quote for machining work today.

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Robust Documentation


Whether it be new automation solutions or retrofitting legacy processes, we strongly believe that there should be no guesswork involved in understanding our deliverables. That’s why we provide robust documentation with all of our projects: from programming source codes, UL approved electrical schematics, drawings files and CAD files for all designed parts, we’ve got you covered. We even offer Operator’s Manuals for custom machines.