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Consumer Law

Prevent From Business Malpractices.

Consumer protection is a group sed of laws and organizations ut designed to ensure the rights of consumers as well as fair trade.

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Family Law

Deals With Family & Domestic Relationship.

Family law (also we called matrimonial law) is an area of the law sed that deals with family matters & family domestic relations and ect...

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Criminal Law

Is Body of Law, Offence Against Justice.

Criminal law or penal law is the body of law that relates to crime. It regulat social conduct and labour proscribes whatever is threatening.

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Drug Control Law

Governments prohibit, except under licence.

Drug prohibition law is sed prohibition based laww by which is governnments prohibit, except underteh licence, the production, supply.

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About Raymond Blacklidge

Over 30 years of experience as an Attorney at Law in the Insurance field. Part Owner of Modern USA Insurance Company and American Traditions Insurance Company. Mr. Blacklidge has many years of experience serving in significant roles of public policy development, legislative drafting, advocacy, lobbying, regulatory compliance and litigation, insurance transaction drafting and execution. He has served both in insurance trade associations as well as “on the line” in the law department of an insurance company. He is very familiar with all property/casualty insurance lines, particularly homeowners, automobile and workers compensation and also is familiar with life and health lines as well.

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