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The appearance of your home is a direct reflection of your style, priorities and character. If you let your house fall into disrepair with shabby shutters and peeling paint, your self-esteem will slowly vanish. An easy way to fix yourself up is by painting your home. Scollo Painting Inc has perked up many homes and their owners over the past 15 years by providing services in Stuart FL.
The average fly-by-night painting services may give you a ridiculously low estimate to get the job, then quickly prep your property, not even wallpaper removal will be performed and slap on some paint to get paid and get out.
You will be sorry you let them even open a can of paint on your property. By contrast, the well-trained estimators at Scollo Painting Inc will walk your property with you, informing you about our thorough preparation process and steps we take to protect your surrounding furnishings or landscape, and supply you with a written estimate of work to be performed and the best competitive pricing for much higher quality materials and craftsmanship than you will find elsewhere.
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