A selfie Socials usually consists of three to four rooms with different themes. Each room provides different backdrops, props and accessories for customers to choose from.[9] A professional camera, two big screens for photo viewing and lighting are set up like traditional studios.[10] Customers can enjoy the service by each paying a small fee [11] with regard to the size of the group. Typically, lower prices are provided for larger groups.

Perfect For Any Occasion

Perfect For Any Occasion

A Selfie Social is perfect for any occasion! From an ice breaker to a memory maker, Selfie Socials make a lasting impression!.

Corporate Events

Break the ice and loosen the ties at your corporate events.


Memories last forever with photos you and your guests will cherish.

Charity Events

Keep the spirit of giving high - give instant memories to your guests.

Dances & School Events

Milestone memories that last a lifetime.

Birthday Parties

Capture timeless memories.

Sporting Events

Celebrate like a champion.

Recent Events

Recent Events

Here are some snapshots from some of our latest fun events!.



Enhance your next social gathering.


Generate buzz about your event.


Share your selfies instantly via text and email.


Instant high-res keepsakes from our super fast printer.

Contact us

Contact us

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