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Seth Golden Inc is an online platform connecting the Truck Owners and Load owners, our platform helps the truck owner to Find Load in USA. bid online for multiple loads and get their truck loaded in easy way. It helps the load owners to get the best price for their loads posted in our platform and they get option to select the best quote they have received online. Save your time and money by posting your requirements in the huge database of available Truck loads at Pro Freights. You can approach thousands of freight brokers, trucking traders and shippers on our online platform for their load and truck posting requirements to help Find Truck Load India and Book load in India. Seth Golden Inc is user friendly, easy to operate and offers the convenience to access updated details of available truck load in India, find carrier, tanker or find lorry for your load. The user logging into the portal will be able to selectively identify the best suited option as per the choice his location and thereby giving him the advantage of making a booking from anywhere across the country. The portal facilitates truck owners to ShowCase Truck Profile and provides clear details of Real Time quotes.
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Post your Trucks and Loads in online.

Check and updates your curret

status in online.

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Receive instant confirmation SMS/EMAIL for accepted Quotes to Trucks/Loads Owners, once you get matching.

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Verify all your trucks and drivers documents in online, Throught

Profreights MOBILE APP/WEB.

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We provide instant Notification On DashBoard in online. To manage truks

loads quote automation system.

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