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  • The Home Of Slip Buster

  • The Home Of Slip Buster

  • The Home Of Slip Buster

Floor Treatments

Sophisticated and environmentally safe treatment for your home or office. Our treatments are safer wet than dry.

OSHA and ADA Compliant

Slip Buster treated surfaces meet or exceed OSHA and ADA guidelines for surface safety.

Guaranteed Results

Slip Buster treated surfaces will remain friction effective under wet conditions for no less than five years.
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Slipsafe Northwest

Accidents can be prevented !

Slip / Fall accidents are the nations number two accidental killer. Each day 25,000 serious slip / fall injuries require hospital care. Slip / Fall accidents mean lost income, increased insurance premiums, and expensive lawsuits. Having your floors professionally treated with Slip Buster Treatment provides safer walking surfaces when wet. You owe it to your customers and employees to provide them with the safest working environment possible.

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