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Not for Frozen Foods

Not for Frozen Foods

Welcome to South Asian Food Inc

Deep Foods is one of the leading manufacturers of Indian foods. Since 1977, it has been tantalizing the taste buds of Indian food lovers. Using authentic recipes, Deep Foods offers delicious snacks, frozen meals, ice creams and other specialities. These delicious, all- natural products are prepared to satisfy the most dedicated culinary aficionados of Indian cuisine.

Deep Foods products are found in the international section of your finer specialty grocery stores. Also, visit specialized Indian grocery stores for a larger variety of our products.

Learn About Our Vegan & Vegetarian Certification !
Vegan and Vegetarian is more than a goal with us ...
it's certified by the American Vegetarian Association.


Traditional, all- natural Indian cuisine offers a wide range of products, from deep- frozen to newly- introduced,tangy pickles.

Tandoor Chef

Authentic tandoor cuisine. Choose from mouth-watering chicken and meat entrees, as well as naans and traditional vegetarian meals.

Deep Dairy

Farm fresh dairy products like Dahi (yogurt) and Lassi (smoothie) are made in USA with all-natural ingredients..

Hot Mix

The tastiest Indian savory. For work or for play, Hot Mix® will excite the fussiest snack enthusiast


Udupi, offers the very heart of South Indian cuisine.


Extensive line of quality household products.

Mirch Masala

Hot, spicy, "Daba-style" vegetarian delicacies.


Crispy pocket sandwiches stuffed with homemade-style fillings.


Experience the flavors of Gujarat, India with Gujarati cuisine at its finest.

Hot Wok

Tangy and flavorful range of Indo-Chinese meals.


Tropical premium Ice-cream & Kulfi's.

Quick Tiffin

Bring Peace and Balance to your Inner Hunger. Each meal combines 3 recipes offering a healthier Indian experience. With olive oil and reduced sodium, these dishes.