M-Legder : Disruptive Mortgage Processing using Blockchain & AI.

Smart Contracts

Trusted smart contracts between participants in mortgage processing.

Seamless Transfer Of Ownership

Oracle of Title/Property records to trace the home’s ownership.

Property Registration®

Transferring ownership and seamless registration of property ownership.

Secure Mortgage HyperLdger

M-ledger is the first end to end blockchain network as a service which reduces cost ,inefficiency & time to close a mortgage loan.M-ledger facilitates transfer of ownership and registering with various agencies and act as a clearing house. Our AI driven , Title oracle is one stop place for searching property ownership and its liens eliminating the mortgage and deed frauds. M-ledger can forecast the property valuation aligned to appraisal standards.

Instant data transfer
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Scalable blocks
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Smart layer technology
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US Mortgage Industry

9.9 Trilion USD
Total Mortgage Industry
2.065 Trilion USD
Mortgage Originated 2016
3B to 11B USD
Disruptive Savings
$ 480 to $1280 US
Per Loan Saving

M-Ledger Roadmap

Concept - Jan 2019

• M-Ledger Beta Release
• Smart Contracts defined

M-Ledger 1.0 - March 2019

Transfer of Ownership
Clearing house for loan closing

M-Ledger 2.0 - July 2019

• Oracle Title
• AI driven Title Search
• AI driven forecasting
• 360 view for All parties

Crypto Enabled - Jan 2020

• Buy/Sell Real Estate
• Security token launch