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Not every woman has time to go to a salon and have her hair blow-dried every day.
Welcome to Vijis Beauty Salon !
Offers its clientele the very best in wide range of beauty services. It is a professional beauty treatment center run by cosmetologists with many years of experience. It assures high quality work at resonable price. Threading, an artistic technique with thread swirling around the eyebrows to give a majestic look that one imagine to have. Wax your hands and feet with a pampering they deserve with our unique and indulging services. Hair Care , an advanced and professional services that transforms your hair onto to a completely different you. Herbal & Facials, that weaves its magic on your skin with a bouquet of specialized services customized to your skin type. Bridal Makeup, designed to make you the beauty you've always wanted on your dream day.
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I have no regrets about launching Salon. for the life of me, I can't imagine doing anything else