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For Developers

Implement quickly and easy with our restfull API
Fully documented with code examples in .NET and PHP

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Mobile Campaign Pages

Build mobile landing pages fast, Distribute via SMS or Email & Analyze the Result in Realtime.
Create Your Campaigns in 3 easy steps with NO Coding skills required. Just Drag & Drop widgets, Customize and Save !

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Products & Services

Mobile Campaign Editor

reate stunning campaigns in 3 easy steps in less than 10 minutes

Campaign Analytics

Insightful campaign performance & recipient behaviour stats

Marketing Automation

Schedule & send campaigns automatically to your target audiences


Add, segment & filter your contact list and target personalised messages

Mobile Native Apps

Get customized native loyalty apps to create deeper engagement with your customers

Multichannel Distribution

Reach your customers with precision and efficiency in all your preferred channels

Geo Fencing

Send promotions to customers when they enter a mall, store or neighbourhood

Proximity Marketing

Trigger your promotional messages or notifications based on target users GEO-location

Consultancy Services

We are a customer-centric business. Let us help you build campaigns that sells!

See Campaign Editor in Action

This short video demonstrates how YOU can create your own digital campaigns in less than 10 minutes, Add contacts easily on one-o-one basis and distribute it within seconds.

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