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About Atlas Expo,LLC

Atlas Expo,LLC food industries what founded in 2010 with the aim of producing and packaging organic products and the quality of saffron, barberry, nuts, dried fruit, pistachios and nuts in the city started its activity Bakharz, Khorasan Razavi, I.R.Iran and Permits were required standards.

From the beginning of the series due attention to product quality, supply these products welcomed by consumers across the country and in a short time managed to gain favorable position in domestic markets.

Atlas Expo,LLC food industry in the development of activities in the supply of products set global markets is taken into account.

The reliance on the grace of the continuous efforts of staff and this was achieved in European markets (Italy, Germany, the Netherlands) will be released.

The manager of Atlas Expo,LLC Food industry is Mr. Mahmoud Abedin, has 30 years of experience in planting and harvesting saffron in the normal way. Atlas Expo,LLC food industry is now ready to provide advice on all activities related to Saffron you are interested.

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