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  • Reach for Tarot Readings

    Tarot gives you a beautiful opportunity to know your inner feelings

  • Lets talk about Taurus

    Taurus is the second sign of zodiac. Its an Earthy Sign and is a fixed sign.

  • Aries, their character and persona

    Hey Friends I discussed planets in my last series and now would like to

  • Meeting with a Learned Jyotish Acharya

    I met a learned Astrologer, a senior jyotish acharya who has been into astrology

  • Mars and Saturn Conjunction happening again…

    Mars and Saturn, the two most malefic planets are coming together from

  • I am not with Remedies

    Remedies are something which attracts clients attention when they talk to

  • Happy Holi

    Happy Holi to all my Viewers. Have a blast and enjoy with colors…..


Pandit Jay Dev welcomes you to have an experience in the world of astrology and transcend your life


I always wondered about how this universe works and how we all are connected, thought to explore Astrology and then realized that we all are born from one and have a deep affect on each others life through our deeds and karmas.

Astrology is a divine vidya and have been given to us through sages…. and can tell a lot about your purpose in this life, karmic pattern, karmic debt and the fruits which your are is suppose to bear in this life.

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daily teachings

"Talk Positive things and remain connected to divine, monitor your thoughts and filter all negative thoughts"

Birth Horoscope(kundli)


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Daily Planetary Overview

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