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Gurudeva is one of the famous Indian traditional astrologers in USA, having undergone years of study and research in the ancient art of Hindu Astrology/ Vedic Astrology/ Indian Astrology. Indian Astrology is family heritage to him. Dr. Gurudeva`s first introduction to Indian astrology/ Vedic astrology, Jyotish at the tender age of 7 came at the hands of his Grand father. While the commencement of astrological study at such a young age is an impressive undertaking, this comes as no surprise when one learns that Dr. Gurudeva comes from a family steeped in the ancient tradition for several generations in Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, Jyotish. Both his father and grandfather are renowned Indian Vedic astrologers in India.

Dr. Gurudeva is particularly lucky to have been blessed with "Daviopasana", known in the West as the Sixth Sense, leading to an even higher astrological insight. Kundli/Horoscope Readings when you mixed with divine insight, you get perfect predictions. This is the key factor in his predictions.

Although there can be many remedies as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, Jyotish to handle malefic effects of planets, Gurudeva suggests poojas,homas,mantras & yantras as the primary remedies. For enhancing yogas in the horoscope Dr.Gurudeva suggest gemstones. Gemstones are most powerful in bringing luck and fortune in life as per Indian astrology. Every gemstone has several attributes and they add up together as a special form of energy depending upon the planetary positions & movements. This energy is quite strong and can have positive or negative effects, and will differ from person to person. That's why it is advised to use more than one gemstone to increase good effects and decrease malefic effects of planets.

Thousands of people from different countries, religions and castes have benefited from Dr. Gurudeva`s remedial measures. Dr. Gurudeva is also renowned in the fields of Palmistry, Numerology, Namalogy, Horary query and Face Reading. Gurudeva`s ashram temple is exclusively famous for Jathak dosh nivaran poojas and homas (Remedial rituals for planetory bad positions in horoscope).

Gemstone wearing rules & regulations

Gemstones should be natural and without any astrological doshas as per Indian astrology,Vedic astrology,Jyotish. The following procedure is mandatory in Gemstone prescription as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology. No variations to this procedure are acceptable.

Ring Making time: While making ring or pendant with the astrological gemstones, auspicious lagna or mahurath time is set to fix the gemstone into the ring or pendant as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology,Jyotish. Guruji will calculate this auspicious time based on the horoscope of the person who would be wearing the gemstone. Our goldsmith is then asked to fit the gemstone in that particular time only.

Suddhi: Guruji does Suddhi once ring or pendant is made. Suddhi is a process of cleaning the ring with sacred powders and water by chanting appropriate suddhi mantras. This process is mandatory as per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology,Jyotish because gemstones have the tendency to pickup the doshas and karmas of any person who touches it. There could have been many people who touched a gemstone from the moment it is unearthed and till the moment it reaches the person who desire to wear it. Hence, Suddhi is a very important and unavoidable step in prescribing astrological gemstones as ring or pendant as per Indian astrology/ Vedic astrology/ Jyotish.

Pooja and Mantras: Pooja is offered to these finished gemstones for few days by chanting particular Beeja-akshari moola mantra, based on the planet that rules the gemstone. As per Indian astrology/ Vedic astrology / Jyotish, this step is mandatory to make gemstone effective to yield desired results and to provide remedies. Once pooja is done, this sacred gemstone will be shipped and will be advised with the procedure to be followed at home, mantras to be chanted until the wearable auspicious day of gemstone comes.

Wearing time: The crucial and important thing in gemstone prescription is wearing time.As per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, Jyotish If these are worn in good auspicious time, then good results will continue, or if worn in bad time then bad results will continue. Guruji will set the lagna or muhurath time based upon the gemstone and the horoscope of the person who would be wearing it. Having utmost faith and chanting mantras while wearing the gemstone will give excellent results.

Note: No extra charge is collected for the above procedure. It`s included in gemstones price.

Kundli Matching

Kundli matching also called Horoscope matching, Graha Kundli matching, Marriage compatibility, Gun milan score, Match making, Love compatibility, Horoscope Compatibility, Guna ponthanas, Kundali matching. Kundli matching should be done as per Lahari system in Vedic astrology, Indian astrology, Jyotish. Lahari system is the best system in Indian astrology compared to K.P system, B.V.Raman method and other systems.

As per Indian astrology, Vedic astrology, Hindu astrology ..Kundli Matching is Mandatory for marriage. Kundli Matching/ Horoscope matching will tell whether this couple is compatible for marriage or not. In this Kundli Matching we can find out harmonyness between couple physically, mentally, genetically. Whether this couple live long together or not? Any divorce / separations indicated? Blessed with children or not? Longevity is good or bad in both the horoscopes? Any Manglik dosha, Vaidhavya doshas present or not? Is there any chance of Native`s horoscope influence spouse or spouse family in bad way? Can we marry Gand mool Nakshatra person? Can marriage done if both are same Nakshatra? Is there any possibility of In laws harassment?

Being a Indian Astrologer, The Jyotish first should analyze Gun Milan score. Max score is 36. Minimum score required for marriage is 18. It doesn't mean below 18 score are not eligible for marriage and above 18 are eligible for marriage. Score system is only one criteria in Kundli matching. This score system depends on the Nakshatras of Bride and Bridegroom. The very important Gunas needs to match are Nadi, Bhakut, Rajju, Vedha, Sthree Dheergha, Gana ponthanas. If the couple don t have correct date of births, tomes then you can do matching based on Naama Nakshatras (Name Nakshatras). After Gun Milan the jyotish should check Graha kundli matching.

In Graha Kundli Matching (Horoscope matching), Jyotish needs to check any Manglik dosh, Vaidhavya dosh, Brahmachari dosha, Longevity check, Kala sarpa dosha, parallel sade sati etc. And Jyotish needs to check Kutuba sthan, Chaturtha sthan, Panchama sthan, sapthama sthan (Spouse house), Astama sthan ( Soubhagya ,Mangalya sthan) in horoscopes. If in both the horoscopes Friendly planets maha dasa`s running ..then the couple will not face any disharmony between them. By checking above factors Jyotish comes to know any chances of divorce, separation, vaidhavyam after marriage. OR If any remedies necessary for them to proceed to marriage.

If saptham sthan (Marriage house) doesn't have any malefic planets vedha and saptham sthan lord in good position then the couple can go for marriage even their matching score is less. Astrologer needs to check Kutumba sthan also in the same manner of saptham sthan. If both are Manglik`s then Jyotish needs to be very careful in matching. Manglik should be in same house for both of them and it should be in same percentage. Then only they can go for marriage. Suppose Girl is 7th house Manglik and Boy is 8th house Manglik , then they should not go for marriage. This is called Manglik dosha mismatching. RAHU, SATURN, MARS ..Any two of these planets should not combinely sit in 2nd , 7th, (8th ) houses of girl and boy. Usually these combinations leads to Vaidhavya dosham or Brahmachari dosham.

Major things you need to check in Kundli Matching are :

  1. Gun Milan score
  2. Nadi, Bhakut, Rajju, Vedha, Gana, sthree dheergha
  3. Manglik dosh
  4. Viyog dosh (Divorce)
  5. Parallel sade sati
  6. Vaidhavya dosh (Vidhava Dosh)
  7. Brahmachari dosh
  8. Mangalya sthan in girls horoscope
  9. Ayush sthan in both horoscopes
  10. Checking 2nd,7th houses thoroughly
  11. Dwikalatra dosh (2 marriages)
  12. Sani dosh

If Jyotish check above things thoroughly he can come to correct judgment on Kundli matching. Both North Indian and South Indian astrology is same. Only difference is drawing kundli charts in different styles.

If you want to get your kundli matching done please go to the horoscope matching page by clicking on this link