Welcome To My Currency Options

With the present low interest rate environment money market rates are very low after taking inflation rates out its in a negative territory.

Even though the stock market is way up since the year 2009 the reports show that not many retail investors are participating in the boom or late to the party.

I am an options trader for the last twenty five years. I have traded the currency futures options for the last ten years.

These are exchange traded and third party risk is low to none. These are considered as section 1256 contracts for IRS taxation purposes (USA). Sixty percent long term and forty percent short term capital gains. Please verify with your certified accountant.

I have traded them with the help of charts, event driven and trend patterns, fundamental and technical analysis. Then I came across this unorthodox way of trading options without charts, trends or events. What if I trade with the movements of the currency only without worrying about trends, events and central bank announcements? I realized that the unique properties of the currency options (not possible with equity options in my opinion) made it possible to trade and make money with almost no or low risk. Risk is continuously adjusted if needed. In this I will describe and show you how to make money consistently without being tied down to the computer, no fundamental or technical analysis. Sounds ridiculous!! Isn’t it?