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Welcome to National Eagle Security INC!
The following are some key facts about our company that may be of interest to you:

1. This organization is a non-union contract security entity which was originally established in 1992, where The Top Managers and The Top Slales Team come from to the best security company in the industry. In 2014 THe Top Managers and The Top Sales team join National Eagle Security Inc the upper management team has remained the same in fact they have perfected the way of doing business. NES prides itself in offering a unique history in Southern California considering its humble beginnings when all managers and owners have worked as security guards before developing this great company. This organization offers tremendous experience in anticipating and meeting client's needs.
2. A reputable list of satisfied clients, who will be more than happy to provide professional recommendations, this list includes but not limited to Bank of America, Southern California Edison Corporation, Wells Fargo, First Federal Bank, Charles Dunn Real Estate Services, and the Los Angeles Unified School District; among other satisfied management companies and much more.
3. As an Owner operative company, we are ready to listen and respond, personally, to your needs. We personally guarantee that you will receive direct contact and communication with us on all security issues. And as former security guards we have gained sensitivity, understanding and special skills to manage our officers over our competitor.
4. National Eagle Security, Inc. seeks long lasting business relationships and partnership. Our average term per account is over 7 years, and continues to increase. Most of our accounts have been managed by NES Top Management Team who have worked many years in the Industry and secured these major accounts such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, Southern California Edison and more to acquire the National Eagle Security team’s service. Al the stuff has worked in other Security companies for more than 13 years and he has brought Los Angeles Unified School District, Jamison Services, Stanford Wholesale Mart Primestor and more to National Eagle Security.