I have always been extremely empathetic, focusing on what made people act and react as opposed to definitively finding those same reactions neither cause for celebration, nor consternation. As a child, I observed with keen interest the behavior of those around me and then one day I seized upon the most fascinating person I had met up until that time. I had discovered the me. Like most people, I was convinced that I was the best me I could be. I was unique and no matter how imperfect, I had to accept my flaws and love me in spite of those quirks and general upsets.

Eventually, I began to include other people in my studies, making it formal and pursuing course work in productivity, advertising and psychology. I received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing and accepted that I could not only discover what made others tick, but what made me tick as well. I discovered the Tao te Ching, Wayne Dyer, Jose Silva and Ram Dass’s “Be Here Now”I would go on to experience the general ups and downs of life; I sleep walked through marriage, divorce, loss and then that wall Oprah speaks of came along and dropped its full weight on me-. For the first time in my life, I was less than thrilled with the experience I was having. I was angry with this life and I was angry at myself. I no longer liked “that me” I had found a while back. Her quirks weren’t as novel and endearing as I had once found them and her mistakes were becoming costly.

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