Welcome to Udipi Cafe Authentic South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine !

At UDIPI CAFE you'll find a good niche to sample a taste of the rich history and culture of Hindustan. A mere subcontinental sampling of dishes reveals a startling swing from rich hearty foods to lighter, flavorful tropical fare. Local chefs assume enormous pride in cultivating carious aromatic and indigenous exotic recipes.
Paying a visit to us today culminates in our ambition to prepare authentic South Indian Vegetarian Food for you that we cooked in our cherished homeland. You may be assured that we market. prepare and serve only the finest, fresh-quality ingredients and aromatic foods available from our trustworthy local suppliers. In our efforts to achieve your ultimate satisfaction we trust you shall enjoy South Indian Cuisine and readily discern our grateful staff is most eager to accommodate you. We solicit any personal comments you may wish to present.