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20 Years Experience in Senior Care Helpline

The number of seniors living longer and those turning 65 is growing more rapidly now than at any other time in history. The result of this is simply “supply and demand”. The high cost of housing is conducive to the needs of so many who require non-medical care, making it extremely difficult and costly to find the solution that meets their personal care needs and housing within the budget a senior can afford. With more facilities that no longer accepts long term patient, there is going to more homeless seniors, seniors living in their cars, or living in a horrible environment. There is a lot of seniors who are struggling with desperate choices on what necessities to buy and what basic needs to go without, especially those who only receive social security income. We understand how confusing and frustrating this could be for a senior and their loved ones. Let us answer your questions with our knowledge and experience we can help. If you know a senior who is homeless, living in their car or any other bad situation, please call us.
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