What we offer

ABA Services

ABA refers to Applied Behavior Analysis. Applied Behavior Analysis studies how behavioral principles address problem behavior.

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Early Intervention Services

A certified Applied Behavioral Analyst evaluates and designs a Personalized Treatment Program, to increase desired behaviors through positive reinforcement.

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Speech and Occupational Therapy

OT works on the fine and gross motor skills through special exercises. It also looks into the sensory issues that are common in ASD children.

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Music Therapy

Music therapy is a complementary therapeutic use of music, by a board certified Music Therapist, to address behavioral, social, communicative, physical, sensory-motor, psychological and/or cognitive functioning.

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Social Skills Group

A child diagnosed with non-verbal learning disability, PDD, other language and communication delays would benefit. One sibling or friend is encouraged to participate free of charge.

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About us

About CHEM is an early intervention provider agency in Miami, FL. The agency began in 1999 as a sole independent provider with the Early Intervention (EI) Program in Miami Dade later to be called Early Steps. By 2000, its founders incorporated the Agency becoming one of the first to serve the EI program. Through the early 2000’s the Agency continued to expand its offering and involvement in the community, becoming a member of the Young Children’s with Disabilities Council (YCDC) and leading in 2009 to become a provider for the Early Discovery. During that same period, CHEM moved to a larger location founding the South Miami Learning Center and expanding its operations to include a new Behavior Program in 2007, as a provider for Children’s Medical Services, and the University of Miami Behavioral Health. CHEM has also provided Music and Art Therapy and Private Development services.

  • Cognitive Therapy (0-5 Years)
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Staff at CHEM

The staff at CHEM is licensed in their respective fields and many are bilingual. Specialties include therapist in the following areas: Art, Music, Behavior, Speech and Language, Occupational, Physical, State License Early Intervention Specialist (Infant and Toddler Development Specialist (ITDS) “Home Visitor”


Play Group

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