Why: I experienced deeply hurtful time and needed someone or something to relate to. The experience, I felt isolated me because either no one could or would fully connect with me. So, I started to read my Bible specifically to relate to the women in scripture. I witnessed, through reading, how God worked in and through these women. I found that I could relate to certain aspects of each woman’s story. Then I wondered why the lives of these women were not fully illustrated from the pulpit or used to point out the ways of God. Then I got upset, in a, “I’m Every Woman” and “Hear me Roar” kind of way. This, The Coming Woman LLC became my solution, to help women relate, encourage one another and truly learn to live. Tia Brown

What: The Coming Woman LLC is a Social Enterprise Business marketing women owned start-ups in the Health, Education, Finance and Arts industries. Additionally, through literary, visual art and media production we profile Biblical, Historical and Ordinary women who have done extraordinary things. We tell the full story of featured woman, in all her humanity.

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