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Want to reduce your regular maintenance charges by 1% every month?

Magic Elves Landscaping is pleased to offer our new AutoPay program. AutoPay by Credit Card is a free, convenient way to automatically pay your landscape maintenance bill each month using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or AmEx credit card. All customers who sign up for AutoPay will receive 1% off their regular maintenance charges each and every time!

Please note that installs, one-time clean-ups, re-planting, repairs, parts, and sprinkler/irrigation services are excluded from the discount.

If AutoPay isn't for you, then also keep in mind that you can make one-time payments and pay your invoice online at PAY ONLINE!.

How to enroll

Simply download and fill out the AutoPay authorization form, and then fax it back to 1-866-368-8536 (no cover letter necessary). Another option is to print it out and mail it back to our office at the following address: P.O. Box 12955 Chandler, AZ 85248.

Once your enrollment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours. From now on, you will receive electronic invoices directly to your email and an email message notifying you when your invoice has been paid. You'll never have to write a check again!

Any questions, please email or call us directly at 602-743-7738. Making life easier

  • Monthly bill paid simply and automatically on the fifth day of the month (or the first business day following the fifth)
  • Save time and eliminate the hassles of check writing and mailing
  • No more paper invoices – all invoices will be sent directly to your email

How it works

  • Your monthly bill amount is automatically charged to your credit card each month, ensuring that your bills are paid on time
  • Your payments are charged to your credit card on the fifth business day of every month (or the first business day following the fifth)
  • Each month, you will receive an electronic invoice directly to your email box
  • There is no charge for this service

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  • Thanks for the full strength support your team has shown over the last several days in 100+ degree heat.
  • It's obvious that your crews place quality above all else. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the crews had done so many little extra things without me asking!
  • Just the fact that you have a professional website says a lot. I don't know of any landscapers that let you pay your bills on-line.
  • I get to tell everyone that Magic Elves take care of my yard! HA!