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The Magic Elves would like to introduce MEL

MEL has taken many forms in his life and we are happy to include him on the Magic Elves Team. Take a look below to learn more about MEL.

While we all know MEL’s most recent endeavor has been landscaping, many are still curious as to what MEL did before he ventured into this magical world of greenery. Well, through some digging and perfectly executes sleuth skills, we uncovered an 80’s MEL who many can look at as a “real American hero!”

In the late 80’s, MEL was cast as “Manchismo”, a combination of brawn manliness and chismo, on the hit 780’s cartoon G.I. JOE… While we may be unsure as to what exactly “chismo” is or defined as, one thing is for sure… MEL’s new action log is oozing with similar characteristics from his action hero days.

Never shy to venture into new areas… Mel takes his chance at mixed martial arts. In the octagon he squares up against Matt Hughes.

Over the weekend, MEL, spent time in the Hollywood light running with the likes of Shrek, Donkey, and Puss ‘n’ Boots. Mel, was originally linked, to play the part as Merlin in the movie “Shrek the Third” but had to turn down the role.

Mel has apparently been bit by the stardom bug. His most recent attempts to break into the Hollywood scene, MEL auditioned for the role of IRONMAN.

“You are seeing the trends in movies these days. Superheroes are in” MEL explained while attending the Toronto Film Festival “the hard part is not letting who you are as a person be effected or changed…no matter how cool the role may be. I’m still all landscape in my heart.”

MEL unfortunately was filtered out of the running for IRONMAN because he could not fit into the helmet due to his larger pointed ears and big hat.

In another attempt for stardom, MEL, auditions for the part of Megatron, Leader of the Decepticons. Unfortunately he didn’t make the cut. “I just didn’t think Elves as Giant Alien Robots would be that believable”, says Director Michael Bay. Well, if you haven’t seen the movie yet, do it! It’s awesome.

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  • Thanks for the full strength support your team has shown over the last several days in 100+ degree heat.
  • It's obvious that your crews place quality above all else. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the crews had done so many little extra things without me asking!
  • Just the fact that you have a professional website says a lot. I don't know of any landscapers that let you pay your bills on-line.
  • I get to tell everyone that Magic Elves take care of my yard! HA!